About Us

Introducing our range of handmade haircare and beard products, thoughtfully created with natural ingredients to nurture and improve the health of your hair.

RUNAKO, a Shona name meaning beauty, aligns perfectly with our brand’s mission of empowering people of color to embrace their confidence and proudly showcase their individuality.

The inclusion of “NATURALS” in our name signifies our commitment to incorporating nature’s goodness into our formulations, ensuring that our remarkable hair and beard products are gentle and beneficial. Our formulas are crafted using a diverse range of botanical herbs, carefully selected for their remarkable properties.

Each product is meticulously handmade, utilizing tried-and-tested ingredients that promote healthier hair. We prioritize ethical sourcing, purchasing all ingredients from reputable South African suppliers who specialize in natural, non-toxic, and non-harmful materials.


Before being introduced to the market, all our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their efficacy. They are pH balanced and free from parabens and sulfates, making them safe and suitable for all hair types, specifically Type 3 and Type 4 hair, regardless of porosity.

About the Owner

Maseabe Mokhine, the owner and Lead Formulator of our brand, is a certified Biotechnologist, ensuring that you receive products of exceptional quality. Maseabe embarked on her natural hair journey in 1999, right after completing high school. During this time, finding hair salons that catered to natural hair in her community was a challenge. This led her to experiment with various ingredients to maintain her dreadlocks, which she proudly wore for 11 years.

After eventually cutting her hair, Maseabe embraced its natural state for a while. However, like many black women, she succumbed to the pressure of chemically treating her hair due to the lack of trained hairstylists proficient in handling natural hair. In 2017, she discovered a hair butter from an international source that revitalized her hair after it had been damaged by harsh chemicals and cut very short.


As her hair began to flourish, people around her took notice and requested the same product. This inspiring response sparked the birth of Runako Naturals, as Maseabe decided to share her haircare solution with others, creating a brand dedicated to natural hair care.


Our vision for hair care products for people of colour is to provide a range of non-toxic, safe, and effective formulations that prioritize the health and well-being of both individuals and the environment. We are committed to sourcing natural and sustainable ingredients that nourish and enhance diverse hair textures without compromising on quality or performance. 


We empower diverse hair textures, especially people of colour,
to embrace their natural beauty. Our high-quality products promote nourished,
manageable hair, simplifying routines and making them enjoyable. We guide
individuals in their hair journey, inspiring confidence, self-expression, and pride

in their unique hair. Join us and feel empowered and beautiful.


Grow your hair with NATURE!

We have selected the best nature’s goodness for our hair products!